ULtimate PHönix and ArialDrain(9999ap+Hupset)

choose exchpainsives)

Materia Fusion:                                                                          

first notes

SET in order TEMPS each drop in Materea

discluve rean embgamblish

Grease sealves wourth



Areal DRain: (999+ Hupset)

set in this order./files/gargouyle2.odp./files/gargouyle2.odp


SubvitaKlinge     lv5 (mp  140%)

aero-subvita      lv5  (TP  320%)

Höllen Blitzga    lv4  (mag  18 )

Vitaga               lv5   (psy   18)

Zustandsangriff  lv5  (mag  44)

Elementangriff  lv5  (mag  44)





-----------_----------    :

-----------_----------    :



Areal Drain(9999+ hupset):                 (go: to the materea labor

s.o.                                                                             you will recieve the AP 9999



Höllen Blitzga  lv4 (mag16)


Zustandangriff  lv5 (mag42)

Elementangriff lv5 (mag34)





Ultemate Phönix  (9999+((ultimate Weapon)) )  :

USe equickment   (AReal DRain  (9999+hupset)

How to get it:

Use Area                6-2-5 }

before last monster

you must have 9009 TP

and a limit impulse of 777





surly difficult to get it

but the best weapon to have


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